Green tea reduces excess fiery Yang energy

Green tea reduces excess fiery Yang energy
Green tea reduces excess fiery Yang energy & blood toxins

Friday, April 29, 2011

How can I strengthen my immune system ?

...simply detoxing regularly, your Immune System strengthens automatically !
Two guys take the same train to work and sit next to each other in the same polluted air conditioned office. They breath the same air. Why does one get colds and flu more often than the other ?

One reason is difference in immunity levels. He who gets sick often and takes longer to recover, has weaker immunity. A strong immune system fights infections, enables faster healing without antibiotics. It also means you have a higher probability of living a VERY long life free of infections and diseases such as heart problems, cancers of any sort, diabetes etc ( regardless of your genetic "destiny" ). In TCM terms, excess Fire/ Heat over a sustained period, weakens one's immune system.

What is the Chinese medicine strategy for reducing toxins for permanent health ?
Chinese medicine has an interesting insight.
When  yin - yang, (hot - cold chi energies) are in balance, your body functions optimally and immune systems is at its strongest state to fight off invading infections and heal wounds quickly. You fall victim to Flu and colds less frequently. You automatically recover from chronic illness such as asthma, rashes, allergies, headaches, pimples  ( acne ), diabetes & hypertension. Cancer has a harder time invading.

Toxins weakens immunity
TCM explains that toxins create excess fiery yang energy ( chi / qi ) buildup which disturbs the natural Yin Yang balance. Too much yang Qi energy in the body causes an imbalance which weakens the immune system, the ability to fight / heal from chronic illnesses. In other words, toxins weaken the immune system, making it easier to fall sick, succumb to infections, pimples ( acne ), rash, ulcers, abscess, boils, sore throats. 
Removing toxins automatically restores the immune system allowing it to overcome infections and heal quickly. This is the strategy used in Chinese herbal medicine that has been tried and tested for thousands of years.

Toxins cause Inflammation
Increasingly you may have noticed Western medicine using the  term " inflammation ". This corresponds to Chinese medicine jargon - "excess fiery yang chi energy ".. if think about it, flame / fire is merely a metaphor for inflammation.  Inflammation is now directly linked to Cancer, Heart problems, Diabetes and Arthritis. Read this <<

Antioxidant herbs remove toxins 
In modern  medicine, inflammation is linked to cancer, heart diabetes , problems premature aging and many other chronic diseases....  google for evidence. Western medical view is beginning to discover what Chinese medicine said all along ... that inflammation is the source of many chronic maladies. TCM has been employing antioxidant herbs to detox the body and remove inflammation causin toxins long before  " antioxidant " became a word in the West in the 1950s.
Detoxing is antioxidant action and some oxidants ( aka free radicals) can be thought of as toxins,  

To restore balance :                                                     
1) eat less fiery ( yang ) foods                                                                                          
2) eat more cooling ( yin ) foods to de-tox  and restore balance

What factors cause  excess  Yang energy (  fiery Qi ) ?
1. Duration and intensity of emotional stress experienced
2. Your emotional response to that stress
3. Insufficient sleep and rest 
4.  Diet (  Excess roasted or  deep fried foods, chillies, curry, garlic onions, turmeric, coriander )
5. Constipation and ( lack of ) sweating
6.  steroid based medications and other immuno suppressive medications ( arthritis medicine )
7. Too much Yang chi, too little Yin qi energy in body ie. imbalance
8.  Eating too much Yang chi foods ( see below)
9.  Blood pH that is chronically acidic ( lower than pH=7 )
10. Exposed to direct sunlight for too long
 A  strong immune system protects against cancer

In other words ...
  • Prolonged exposure to physical & psychological stress weakens immune system.
  • Wrong response to stress ( worry, fear, depression, suppressed anger ) weakens immunity.
  • Eating wrong foods inhibits immunity, disturbs the yin-yang balance
  • Not eating right foods inhibits immunity, disturbs the yin-yang balance
  • Insufficient sleep weakens immunity
  • Yin Yang chi energy imbalance makes you sick easily

How does diet affect immunity ?
Normal metabolic process produces byproducts natural toxins. Together with ingested toxins such as Pesticides, food colorings, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, taste enhancers, caffeine, medications, alcohol, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution etc, they suppress the body's ability to fight off infection and heal rapidly. ie inhibits the immune system.
                                                       .... read more about how toxins weaken immune system here:

Another culprit is processed white sugar, it suppresses the immune system. Just one glass of sugar laden soft drinks or fruit juice  ( with added sugar) forces white blood cell count to drop sharply within an hour.

.......The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study...... showing that ingesting 100 grams of simple sugar lowers white blood cell activity for up to five hours..... 
Read more here
As well even honey and fruit sugars  have a negative effect, especially if consumed daily  in large quantities.  This is why some enlightened nutritionist say " Eat you fruits, but juice your vegetables" A simple glass ( 250ml) of organic home made orange juice may contain up to 4-6 oranges.... Good for vitamin C, but too much sugar !

What are typical symptoms of mild excess toxins/ fiery energy ?
  • itchy eyes or nose
  • sore or scratchy throat or tonsils
  • ulcers in mouth, tongue, on and under gums, insides of cheeks
  • gum aches - inflammation
  • gum infections / abscess beneath teeth and other carbuncles
  • cold sore outbreak
  • low grade fever or feeling warm even in cool room
  • frequent headaches
  • nose bleed not caused by injury, esp. during 2-5 days prior to full moon
  • constipation - not moving bowels DAILY
  • darker than normal yellow urine
  • pimples ( acne, bad skin ) or boils
  • rash
  • hemorrhoids
  • frequently succumbing to colds and flu
  • hot temper
  • tongue turns reddish, the normally ( healthy) thin white coating is not visible
    do not inspect tongue immediately after a meal or alcohol, as these will be incorrect reading
  • Mastitis - inflammation of breast in breast feeding / lactating  mothers

What are additional symptoms of large excess of toxins / fiery energy ?  
  • Cuts, scratches, abscess, boils and wounds take longer time to heal
  • Lingering cold or flu that takes weeks to go away
  • Cancer - the immune system is too weak to fight off cancer cells

What can you do to improve your immune system ?
1. Work in a less stressful environment ( stress produce chemical that suppress one's immunity)
2. Deal better with stress ... do you really need to worry about everything ?
    ( Stress creates internal  fire)
3. Eat more Yin ( more below) foods to remove excess fiery heat yang energy
4. Get enough sleep to enable body to absorb nutrients and repair cells
5. Sleep before 11pm to allow the natural body cycles operate at optimum level to self repair
6. Sleep / wake up at same time daily
  (lack of sleep creates MASSIVE internal fire )
7. Alkalise your blood by eating more alkaline form foods ( mineral water, green veggies, Apple    
    Cider Vinegar), and reducing acid forming food intake... research this in Google

What diet changes can I make to strengthen my immune system ?
1. Drastically reduce sugar intake ( soft drinks, chocolate, sweets & lollies, cakes )
2. Eat less " fiery " foods, ie.  heat producing Yang foods
3. Eat more "cooling"  foods ie. cool producing Yin foods
4. Less alcohol, it poisons the body
5. Stop smoking, reduce sugar and fat intake

Why more Yin and less Yang foods?
To prevent your body from becoming too fiery
Eating too much Yang( fiery) foods produces more toxins in your body which inhibits the immune system.
Increasing Yin food intake corrects the imbalance.
Aim to achieve 50-50% Yin Yang balance for optimum health.

Which hot / yang foods must I eat less of ?
  • Any food cooked at high temperature : roasting, broiling, BBQ-ing, grilling or deep frying
  • All spicy foods:  curry, onion, garlic, chillies, wasabi, coriander spices
  • Pepper, ginger whilst spicy, will not add fiery toxins to your blood, so not as fiery as chillies !
  • Coffee, especially the dripped kind ( as beans are roasted )
  • Chocolate ( ie. roasted cocoa beans) especially dark chocolate ie 50% or more cocoa
  • Lamb, Beef ( chicken, pork, fish are cooler)
  • all hard liquors : whiskey, brandy, vodka
  • Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly
  • Potato Chips or roasted nuts
  • Sugar of any kind including fructose and HFCS
  • Ginseng, Cinnamon are very fiery
  • Asthaxantin a powerful antioxidant but is VERY fiery,  so don't take too much
  • Krill Oil ( which contains Asthaxantin )  -  so don't take too much
  • Excess nutritious food contributes to 'substantial' fire/ heat, so a short term fast might be useful too

Which cooling / yin foods must I eat more to detox?
  • Yin foods ( listed below) cooked no higher than 100 degrees - boiling, steaming, stir frying
  • Green or Jasmine Tea (moderate detox effect, to be consumed  at least once a day on EMPTY stomach 1 hour after a meal or 30mins before )
  • Chrysanthemum tea ( moderate detox effect )
  • Mung Bean soup ( strong detox effect)  >>>  how to make mung bean soup
  • Dried mandarin peel ( Chen Pi )
  • Honeysuckle
  • Bean sprout (cooked )
  • Dandelion ( not roasted type has moderate detox effect  )
  • Bitter Melon / Bitter gourd - see photo
  • Cucumber- raw
  • Celery- eat the veggies, better still drink the juice !
  • Watermelon, Apple, Kiwi fruit, Peach
  •  .... most fruits except durian, longan, lychee and cherry
  • Mushroom
  • Water chestnut
  • Pear - western or chinese are BOTH cooling in nature
  • Green leafy veggies : Lettuce, Choy Sum, Bok Choy, Kai Lan, Spinach, Cabbage
  • Mineral water with high Magnesium content such as San Pelligrino or  Evian
    ... they have a strong alkalizing effect
  • Chicken  & fish ( boiled, steamed ... not roasted or deep fried, not BBQed )
  • Boiled or poached eggs ( not fried )
  • Black tea is mildly Yin enhancing
  • Huang Qi herb ( Astragalus membranaceus )
  • and many other  prescribed Chinese herbs that are "cooling" or Yin enhancing
  •  Raw veggie juice  ( celery, spinach, lettuce, carrots, kale  add a lil ginger else u may get upset stomach ) is a good convenient non exotic way to detox

Is there a weekly regimen to ensure my Yang and  Yin energy are balanced?
Yes there is !
Our modern  lifestyle tends to make us accumulate more fiery yang energy  than cooling yin, we need to constantly adjust to maintain the balance.  In addition to many herbs , many Taoists , who are pretty serious about extreme health &  longevity, practise the following :
  • Mung bean soup once weekly even if you feel ok, but don't  don't have it everyday if healthy
  • Mung bean soup immediately on detecting early signs of cold/ flu Eg. sore throat, sniffles, itchy eyes etc, ... continue until symptoms improve
  • Mung bean soup immediately when gum aches, mouth ulcers start
    ... continue until symptoms disappear
  • Traditionally, pregnant women in China are generally warned not to drink Mung bean soup. They may use other foods or herbs  for detox.
  • 1 -2  cups Chrysanthemum tea or Green tea  or Chinese Jasmine tea every day ( avoid if you have an upset stomach )

How to make Mung bean soup < < < < click here
Do this and many chronic symptoms will improve automatically and in a natural way.

Additional information:
More examples of cooling ( ie. detox ) Yin enhancing herbs:
  • Dandelion ( pú gōng yīng,  蒲公英) a  liver detox herb used in China and Europe
    Best to use unroasted kind ( available in TCM shops ), as roasting reduces therapeutic value
  • Burdock ( niú bàng , 牛蒡 is a detox herb also widely used in China
  • Honeysuckle ( jīn yín huā, 金银花 ) is a detox herb widely used in China
  • Ban lan gen - available in powder form, taken as a drink, good for upper body fire ( heat )
  • Arrow root  ( Tapioca flour - particularly good for sore throat)
  • Lotus seed heart ( not the same as Lotus Seed)
  • Shi Gao ( Gypsum - Calcium Sulphate is a mineral )
  • Raw vegetable juice  (Especially green leafy types  lettuce, celery, spinach, parsley, wheat grass barley grass  ). Carrots, Beet, Tomato are not considered to be detoxing
  • etc etc...more later
*Dandelion, Burdock and Honeysuckle are traditional herbs also widely used in European Naturopathy for hundreds of years and is somewhat consistent with Chinese medicine in detox strategy. In fact Dandelion & Burdock is a favourite old time beverage in UK !
>> You are advised to consult a licensed and trained Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner before consuming any herbs you are not familiar with especially with regard to amount and duration of consumption. Some of the above detox herbs are meant to be taken 3 days in a row until symptoms disappear or once a week  for maintenance.

Please consult a qualified and experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner before you take these Patent herbal pills ( click on the picture to enlarge ) to reduce fiery toxins: